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Our Consulting Services Process for Achieving Certification

100% Success Rate

60-90 days*     

Lowest Cost


Consulting Experts and Advice:

Our experts work with key staff to advise, coach, mentor, and guide them in the process of integrating
= Value added Service
= Customized Training
= A Written Guarantee in as little as 90 days
= Customization of your management system to meet your business needs.
= Flexibility to react quickly to your needs.
= Personal attention, regardless the size of your business.

Consulting Methodology / Tools / Experience:
= There are many quality tools available in today's market, but knowing when to bring out the right 
tool can be a challenge.
= Over 400,000 companies worldwide have implemented and registered their management
systems using a multitude of implementation strategies.
= Our experience has shown that no matter the approach taken, customized systems following the fundamentals enable an implementation project to have a substantial chance at success.

Consulting to Minimize Documentation:
= There are many trips, traps and shortfalls to management system implementation.
= One substantial snare is the ease of developing excessive documentation, which makes a system too difficult to follow.
= The greater the attention paid in system design, the greater the result oriented the program will be.
Our deliverable:
= Optimal to create documentation strategies and solutions to support the needs of the business.

Consulting for Employees Understanding:
= The best management systems are the ones that employees play a significant role developing.
= The systems that last have few consultant signatures and have maximum ownership by the organization.
= If you have limited resources, our approach is likely to fit your budget and your goals.
Our deliverable:
= Translating the ambiguous language of standards into down-to-earth explanation that each employee can comprehend.

Consulting for Integration:
= The importance of business systems alignment with strategic business objectives is imperative.
= Management systems must enable the business to accomplish its goals.
= The use of multiple management systems is increasingly poplar and common system elements should be aligned accordingly.
= The most senior management must support the program in order to be successful in registration and in achieving desired performance results.
= The system must be transparent to the way in which the organization operates.
Our deliverable:
= Provides an emphasis on arranging tools that enable the successful deployment of your business strategy in a scientific and methodical manner.

Consulting Approach:
= Our approach is based on a track record of success and many years of experience.
= We measure our success on:
   - Your success
   - The effectiveness of the system
   - Its ability to allow your organization to focus on the continuous improvement of your business

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* based on Gap Assessment and if company follows all recommendations

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